Tired of the hyped up over-marketed Fad Diets?

Here's what I think about Dr. John Berardi's Precision Nutrition System:

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Precision NutritionPrecision Nutrition System 4.0 (Version 3.0 is now out and it's BIGGER and BETTER!)

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Rating: Precision Nutrition 5 star rating

"This system has helped me successfully lose over 20 Lbs. of fat, lose inches around my stomach and gain inches on my arms, legs, shoulders and back. Unlike other systems, this one works! I even FEEL better mentally!" - C. Lenard

Here's what you get with Precision Nutrition:

Precision Nutrition V4.0 is a complete system of books, audio and video resources, as well as online content that will teach you everything you need to know to get the body that you've always wanted.

"Are these e-books? Do I download them?"

No, these are NOT e-books.

While I have released books in the past as downloadable PDF e-books, that’s not what the Precision Nutrition guides are.

The Precision Nutrition guidebooks above are real, tangible products that will be sealed and delivered to your door. It comes in one box containing print versions of all 7 guides and the Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook

  • Excellent Online Forums
  • The NEW Introduction & Success Guide
  • The Diet Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • The Super Shake Guide
  • 5-Minute Meals
  • The NEW Individualization Guide
  • The NEW MeasurementGuide
  • The Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook
  • Precision Nutrition Audio Series
  1. Segment 1: The 10 Habits
  2. Segment 2: Meal Preparation
  3. No Nonsense Nutrition Video Series

Segment 1: The Foundation

  • The Right Mindset
    • Learn! Know the right info, how to implement it and how to internalize it
    • Use the right map! Are you headed in the right direction?
    • Raise your standards!
    • Start today!
  • The Right Information
    • Avoid falling victim to the "expert problem"
    • The relationship between eating for health and eating for optimal body composition
    • Health objectives
    • Body composition objectives
    • The 7 habits of highly effective nutrition plans
  • The Right Plan
    • Creating a meal plan based on the 7 habits
    • When the one-size fits all works
    • Shopping successfully
    • Planning meals successfully
    • Eating successfully
    • The First Supper
  • Bonus Segments:
    • Grocery Store: Putting the rules into practice
    • Kitchen: The daily 30 minute cooking routine

Segment 2: Individualization

  • Introduction
    • The fad of individualization
    • What does true individualization mean?
    • From one size fits all to tailoring your program
  • Your Most Important Concern
    • The "Ingenuity Gap"
    • Adopting a problem solving mind
    • Finding "AND" solutions
    • Nutrition AND your personal lifestyle
    • Defending against "EITHER/OR"
  • The Details of Nutritional Individualization
    • Demystifying program design
    • The decision making procedures we use every day
    • The three criterion for program design
    • Achieving body composition results
  • Bonus Segments:
    • Roundtable: Elaborating on the "No Nonsense" principles
    • Human Performance Lab: A tour of the facilities



Dr. John Berardi, Ph. D., C.S.C.S. is a kinesiologist and professional health and performance consultant. He is known for his work with professional athletes, and writings on topics relating to physical fitness. Some of his written works have been scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals; others have been written for the layerperson or fitness enthusiast and distributed on the internet.

Dr. Berardi operates professionally through the company he co-founded, Science Link, Inc. The company's stated mission is "to take the latest research findings
from human performance and nutrition labs and universities around the world and translate those findings into real-world results for our clients and readers.

Dr. Berardi is a sought-after nutrition and physiology consultant to NCAA, Olympic, and professional sports organizations and has worked with the following:

  • Toronto Maple Leafs
  • The US National Bobsled Team
  • The Texas Longhorns (2006 NCAA Football National Champs)
  • The Spike Professional Track Cycling Team
  • The Canadian National X-Country Ski Team
  • The Canadian National Speed Skating Team (individual athletes in this sport)
  • The Canadian National Alpine Ski Team
  • The Canadian National Canoe/Kayak Team
  • The Canadian National Bobsleigh/Skeleton Teams
  • The Olympic Oval in Calgary
  • The Manitoba Sports Centre
  • Individual Athletes in many professional sports organizations, including the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, as well as athletes competing in Triathlon, Rugby, Cycling, MMA, Bodybuilding, and Powerlifting.

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Precision Nutrition Review

Precision Nutrition was developed by Dr. John Berardi, who has trained too many Professional and Collegiate Athletes, Body Builders, Fitness Models and others to even list here.

John Berardi has a Ph. D, C.S.C.S., is a kinesiologist, and is also a professional health and performance consultant. Sounds pretty complicated, right? Well, I'm guessing I would have an anxiety attack just reading the cover of some of the books he reads during the day.

But the books he has written are easy to follow. I have read several, including Gourmet Nutrition, Metabolism Advantage, and everything else that comes with Precision Nutrition. I actually enjoy learning this stuff because it's helped me lose a ton of fat and given me more muscle mass than I had while playing football in High School... and I played for a VERY competitve team. Not to mention playing Baseball, Basketball and several other sports on the side. I was a walking, talking, sports addict who actually competed in Sports (and at a high level), unlike so many others I knew at the time. But I had several injuries that prevented me from playing most of these sports over the years...

At the age of 20 years old I had pretty much given up on Sports... I started smoking and eating fast food on a daily basis. Drinking Alcohol became my new favorite past time.

I went through this life style for the next 9 years... and then I quit smoking. This was a major step for me. I had tried quitting for years. Now that I had stopped - Sports seemed to be fun again. But I was so out of shape... I had to try something new... lose weight? Yeah, that should work!

So I picked up a book one day from the local book store... oddly enough, I got something in my email box about Metabolism Advantage the exact same day. I ordered the book... the sales page looked too enticing. There was a lot of what I thought were 'false promises' and I was a sucker for failure at the time!

Luckily, the book was far from false promises. The book was a miracle for me. It opened up my eyes to something new to me... health and nutrition. I hadn't seen anything like it since my College Health class that I dropped out of 10 years before!

How Would You Like A FREE Ebook From Dr. John Berardi?

It's True! There's nothing to purchase, no tricks, nothing. Sign up and get it delivered to your eMail Now! 

Absolutely, 100% FREE Download!

* I respect your privacy. I promise never to spam you, sell your email or allow others to send anything to your email.


But the book was limited. I needed more of this stuff. I felt like there was so much more to learn about Nutrition... and there was. I looked up John Berardi and I discovered Precision Nutrition, read the sales page and clicked "checkout", as quick as I could!

And I'm so glad that I did. This system has literally changed my life. But it didn't stop there... I recommended it to several family members and friends. They now swear by this Nutritional Weight Loss program as well. This is not some fad diet... that's the difference.

Precision Nutrition is like the future of eating habits. I can't even explain it... but the recipes are good, the food is super healthy, it's just that good. My moms blood pressure and Cholesterol has dropped tremendously. She feels much healthier. I had blood pressure that was starting to get a little high prior to starting Metabolism Advantage... it's now normal and started getting there only a week after starting the program.

I highly recommend Precision Nutrition to anybody who is looking to lose fat, gain muscle, become healthier physically AND mentally.

This program is amazing and I think you'll be sending me thank you emails in the next few months filled with joy! (not that you have to! ;-) )

Seriously. At least read more about Precision Nutrition! It can literally change your life forever!

Try out Precision Nutrition today.